This business was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad I went. I had a very high amount of wax buildup and he removed all and explained how to help prevent it from returning. They are a very caring practice.
Steve Alexander, on Google
I went with friends we are all seniors. My mom had been a few years ago. Stella was so pleasant. She was sure to keep up comfortable and informed. Thoroughly. Jose wow!! Well above and beyond. Explained every thing. Completely. Pleasant and respectful. We will be back in a couple weeks. Customer service had seemed to disappear. Not here. Best I have had in a few years!!👍👂
Cindy Stutesman, on Google
They went above any expectations I may have had. Mr. Rodriguez was very thorough and professional. He took his time explaining everything to me. This was my first hearing test. He also explained all my options before I made a decision on what I wanted in hearing aids. Great customer service! I highly recommend them!
Maureen Brophy, on Google
My husband needed new hearing aids but was not happy with the company he had used previously. We found Sound Point in Casa Grand Arizona. He did purchase new aids and was fairly happy with them. A few months after he purchased his aids, Jose Rodriguez came to this store. What a difference Jose made in my husbands hearing. We are totally satisfied with Sound Point, Candy at the front office, and Jose. We later recommended that my 80 year old sister go see him. She had profound hearing loss from an brain injury several years ago. She had tried several different hearing aids but none of them were satisfactory to her so she wouldn’t wear them. Jose spent many hours with her and her husband explaining her issues, what was needed and what the proper aids could do for her. My sister purchased the Starkey Livio aids. What a difference they have made for her. She loves them, wears them like she needs to and is back to her old self that she was before her brain injury. We have another close friend who saw the results that my husband received, the difference these aids made for my sister and he purchased new hearing aids. Jose Rodriguez has gone way above anything any of us would have expected. We would highly recommend these hearing aids, Candy and Jose Rodriguez.
Gwen Rickerby, on Google
With a birth defect in my right ear, this has been a real challenge for SoundPoint. They sent it back in for adjustment to the hearing aid. With adjustments to the hearing aid and working on the programming they had successfully eliminated most of the feedback problems. This is my third or fourth set of hearing aids. I’m amazed by the support from the Starkey company. With a live conference call, SoundPoint has successfully programmed the hearing aids that really fits my needs. As a drummer and singer I’m pretty fussy on what I’m hearing. I’m completely satisfied on the sounds I’m hearing from my hearing aids. Thank you SoundPoint for the care and understanding of what I needed. Otis Dale Shelley
Otis Shelley, on Google

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