I have been wearing hearing aids for many years and have utilized Sound Points competitor during that time. When I first spoke to Casey she informed me that Sound Point could offer me more service and I would experience a better hearing experience. I was a little skeptical at first but made the appointment to see what Sound Point could do for me. Casey was right, during my initial visit I met Jose who was awesome, he not only explained everything in detail, he fitted me for my new hearing aids. Then when I came to pick up my hearing aids Casey was right their to help me and Jose showed me a few tricks on using them. Jose and Casey great people and really know what their doing. Thank you both for all the help as now I can hear better and that makes life a lot easier.
Stephen Frank, on Google
I have had hearing aids for about 20 years, I have been very disappointed with each of the other 3 providers from which I have purchased hearing aids. I have always had excellent insurance with 100% coverage coverage for hearing assistive devices. With each of the other providers, though, while both the provider and I had checked with the insurance company first and even though the provider had agreed to not charge me anything beyond what the insurance would pay, there would be continuing attempts to overcharge me by thousands. That resulted in me not returning for the necessary follow-up appointments, as I didn’t want to be told that I still owed the provider. As a result of these unfortunate disputes over fully paid for hearing aids, my hearing was never at an optimal level and I had developed a serious distrust of the providers. It was with that unfortunate mindset that I went to the Soundpoint Hearing Center in Casa Grande. To my pleasant surprise, I found that this provider was markedly better than all of the others that I had consulted in the past. There was no dispute at all over payment! The insurance company paid as agreed and Soundpoint accepted that as the payment in full, as had been agreed upon. The testing was thorough and retesting was carefully done through the follow-up period, then at regular intervals after that. The entire process was very professionally done. I have now been receiving services from Soundpoint in Casa Grande for about 6 years and always have been fully satisfied. There is exceptional attention to fit and audiologist consults are done quickly and easily. Finally, the staff is always very friendly and helpful. I do feel as if my hearing is optimal under the care available at this center. I have recommended this center to others, as I am convinced that it offers the very best service available, and its business practices are organized, honest and completely above board.
Blanche Meister, on Google
I went with friends we are all seniors. My mom had been a few years ago. Stella was so pleasant. She was sure to keep up comfortable and informed. Thoroughly. Jose wow!! Well above and beyond. Explained every thing. Completely. Pleasant and respectful. We will be back in a couple weeks. Customer service had seemed to disappear. Not here. Best I have had in a few years!!👍👂
Cindy Stutesman, on Google
They went above any expectations I may have had. Mr. Rodriguez was very thorough and professional. He took his time explaining everything to me. This was my first hearing test. He also explained all my options before I made a decision on what I wanted in hearing aids. Great customer service! I highly recommend them!
Maureen Brophy, on Google

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