“I didn’t know my life would change when I walked into Soundpoint Audiology in Casa Grande, AZ a few months ago. It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. At the time I was scared, incredibly emotional and depressed over my hearing loss. I was foolishly in denial about my hearing loss for quite some time and convinced these things don’t happen to young people in their 30s!

The hearing exam I was given was incredibly thorough and state of the art. Dr. Shepel made me feel at ease, he really took the time to explain my condition and options in terms I could easily understand and answered about a million questions I had. He is one of the most compassionate and caring health care providers I’ve ever encountered. If it hadn’t been for the time, education and care I received in his office that day, I never would have found the courage to do something about my hearing loss. He is always accessible to his patients to answer questions, address concerns or schedule followup visits that work around your schedule. The office coordinator, Jennifer is absolutely lovely. She’s always professional and very pleasant to deal with.

My life has changed dramatically since my first appointment. My new hearing aids have allowed me to experience life in a way I hadn’t been able to do so in years. I used to always hide ‘in the shadows’ at social functions and at work because I was embarrassed and afraid people would find out I couldn’t hear well. Those days are gone! I’m much more confident in my personal and professional life as a result of finally being able to hear much better than before. All of the stress, depression and anxiety related to the hearing loss I struggled with for so long is a thing of the past. It’s amazing how something as small and virtually undetectable as my hearing aids has turned my life around. I’m happy and grateful beyond words.

Thank you Dr.Shepel and SoundPoint Audiology!

With warm regards,
Cynthia C”