When A Loved One Gets Hearing Aids

First, say thank you!  It has probably been a long time coming with years going by with lots of “what did you say” or “huh” or “I didn’t hear that” to get them to agree to a hearing exam and then getting the hearing test scheduled, getting there and then following through with the trial […]

Dr Franklin Shepel Health Fair

Community Outreach in Casa Grande

Dr. Franklin Shepel attended two events this past week to provide information regarding hearing and hearing aids to the community. The first event was the Annual Province Community Health Fair in Maricopa, AZ. Province is an active adult community in Maricopa. 15 businesses attended this event to provide information on a variety of services available […]

Hearing aids: What the professionals wish you knew

An individual’s Hearing Health needs to be an equal partner with concerns regarding vision and dental health and given the same amount of respect. If you or a loved one has decided to ignore a hearing loss because you have some sort of stigma about wearing hearing aids, take note. Here’s what audiologists wish you knew: They’re not […]

Health Expo 2016 Living Magazine

Dr Frank Shepel attended the Casa Grande Medical Health and Wellness Expo on Saturday, June 11. The event was held in the ballroom at the Palm Creek RV Resort. Dr. Shepel met with and provided information to many members of the community during this event. The Expo included over 20 booths where information was available […]


Are These Hearing Aid Options Right For You? What are CROS and BiCROSS hearing aids?CROS stands for contralateral routing of signal and BiCROS is the acronym for bilateral routing of signal. What type or degree of hearing loss utilizes these styles?These hearing aids are utilized when a hearing impaired individual has normal to moderate hearing […]

Common Myths About Your Hearing

We read a lot of things on the internet and have grown up with ideas about our ears that were planted in us by our mothers or others we have come in contact with.  How can we tell what is TRUTH and what is MYTH.  I will attempt here to bring to you some of […]

Brain and Ears Need To Work Together As A Team!

Did you know that you do not hear with your ears! This sounds strange but the ears and the brain need to work together for you to understand and interpret sounds. The ears are the transmission line which capture sound and send it to the brain for interpretation. The outer ear captures sound, sends it […]

Dr. Frank Shepel Volunteers for Feed My Starving Children

July 25, 2015 Phoenix, Arizona Dr. Frank Shepel, his spouse Joan and oldest grandson Kyle worked with the Feed My Starving Children project at the Phoenix Civic Center on Saturday, July 25th filling and packing meals to be sent to starving children around the world.  This three day effort was attempting to fill and package […]

Franklin Shepel at the Casa Grande Home, Health and Garden Showcase

Franklin Shepel, from SoundPoint Audiology and Hearing  will be displaying information regarding hearing loss and hearing aids at the Casa Grande Home, Health and Garden Showcase  on Saturday, January the 10th from 10-4 at the former Outlets of Casa Grande center. Dr. Shepel has over 36 years of experience helping individuals and families overcome hearing […]

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